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Key to Life Oracle Deck

The Key to Life oracle deck is a 44-card deck for spiritual self-care, growth and transformation.


This deck uses powerful messages and small symbols because I want the owner to focus on the words and how they can incorporate the message into their lives.


It's all about taking care of yourself on a deeper level. "Self-care beyond the bubble bath."


The Key to Life deck is meant to feel like a warm hug from a best friend. You know she would tell you how amazing you are and that you need to put yourself first.


Each deck is imbued with Reiki directly by me for each individual before being delivered and also includes an exclusive Reiki portal activation. 


Price includes deck which is printed on a quality, thick cardstock, purple velvet drawstring pouch and free shipping in the United States.



  • There are no refunds on decks.  If a deck is damaged during shipping, I will replace it at no cost to you.


  • Free shipping in the United States by USPS.

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